Sunshiine Creations

my story

From a lifetime spent immersed in Mother Nature and listening to her many elements, a passion for writing and poetry, and a love of photography, I discovered digital media while at university in 2004 and realized I had at my fingertips another language for telling my story.    Digital art, for me, became a form of visual poetry, an intensely personal language of the heart, an expression of the soul’s understanding.   Everything I create is firstly for “me”, to investigate the meaning and mystery of life, and yet in sharing this, I have received the added gift of discovering that my work can touch or inspire viewers, as they reconnect or recognize our shared humanity.

It has been written by others that I have created award winning works that have been sought after and shared around the world, but such international recognition always surprises me, as my journey is one of isolation and personal contemplation.   I do not seek renown or rewards, except from myselfI enjoy the privacy and solace of nature, the community of family and friends, and a sense of place where I can explore belonging and connection and my soul’s journey.

So...who am I?
I am a woman, a mother, a daughter, sister, lover and friend.
Four incredible souls have chosen me to be their mother in this lifetime, including one who is intellectually disabled - my children, like nature, have taught me so much about who I really am. Every challenge and hardship that life has handed me has been a hidden gift. Life is indeed the greatest teacher and the grandest adventure anyone could ever take - I love my life and who I am. And arriving at that realization is the most rewarding achievement in life this far.

I honour and cherish this planet we walk upon and all who share the energy with me. Seeing with the heart is the only way to view the world and this opens the soul to connect our physical reality with “the all” and us to then express this new vision in our creative endeavours. I am constantly fulfilled by that which inspires me or evokes passion, as I do believe that a life without passion is not truly lived. My journey this lifetime, supplies me with infinite passion and inspiration. And in return I create - I write, I photograph, I create art, and I give love. It is a two way flow.

My art and creativity is an intrinsic part of who I am, and is a way of expressing all of this and more – so I have Sunshiine Creations as the window I open to the world.  It is my intention to use my creativity to give back or leave more goodness in this world than I take.  My philosophy is that our greatest wealth is what we hold in our hearts, and there is nothing on this earth we can take with us, except what we carry inside.   And from this source within comes the amazing richness of creativity, and the beauty and fascination and complete gratitude that we get from this adventure called life.

“Only when we realize that our love is greater than all our fear, will we know true freedom”

(I have had many of my inspirational lines used by others, so if there is something that resonates with you, and you would like to share it, all I ask is that you ask first and give credit to myself as the author/creator.  The same applies to my artwork and photography.)

I have been fortunate to see my work gracing the covers of magazines, books, movie DVDs and CDs, gaining recognition not only in Australia, but in the USA and other countries; and to receive commissions from studios in L.A. and offers of representation in
New York and beyond.


Awards for my artwork, include the Creatrix Studios (Los Angeles) 2005 New Millennium Award for Visionary Art 

and, closer to home, 

A Judge’s award at the Mullalyup Muster 2007, 

First Prize at the Mullalyup Gallery’s 2008 Art Award,

and First Prizes in the Busselton “Through My Lens” competition in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In  2008 I was awarded a Highly Commended in the Signature South West inaugural City of Busselton Art Award

in an exhibition of first class regional artists.



I exhibit my art occasionally at the ArtGeo Gallery and Arts Complex in Busselton and in pop up exhibitions and displays
that share my “intent” to make the world a better place.


Much of my portfolio of art and writing can be found online at



and Fine Art America


In 2008 I published a
collection of spiritual art and writing as a coffee table book called
“Emerging” and following that released a book written nearly 15 years ago
called “Message From Mother Earth”.

Books can be viewed and purchased at